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1.    The hunt details will be posted after 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Saturday nights.  You can start hunting as soon as it is posted.  (We do have Daylight Savings Time so, check the clock on Home Page or the Tournament Page.)

2.    You may submit only one entry per tournament.

3.    Your entry must have your hunter name and the word "Entry" in the subject line of your email.  Please see the example of what we need in the body of your entry email on the Tournament page. Your entry is due by 9:00 p.m. ET on Saturday to honeywest.  If your entry is late, it will not be counted and  you will receive no warning.  (It is recommended that you ask for a read receipt.) 

4.    Tiebreaker is closest shot, unless otherwise specified (distance is always figured in feet).

5.    Your hunter name must be the name you use in theHunter game.

6.    You must have a working email so we can contact you.

7.    You must have a virtual tag to hunt.  You may enter your first hunt without a tag.  As long as you keep sending  in an entry every week, you will receive an automatic tag for the following week.  If you don't send in an entry in any given week (except the first week you enter), then you must apply for a tag again.  You can apply for a tag by sending an email to honeywest with "Tag Request" and your hunter name in the subject line of your email Monday before 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time of the week you want to participate; however, your entry must be harvested after the time you have requested a tag.  I will send a reply to you and that will be your virtual tag.  (It is recommended that you ask for a read receipt.)

8. You must allow honeywest and DHRifleman to be added to your friends list in theHunter game.  This makes verifying your entry much easier.

9. During the tournaments we hunt all animals, and may specify any weapon available in theHunter; you may be required to purchase a weapon if you do not have it to compete during that week's tournament.

10.  Unless specified, pheasants, ducks, geese, and ptarmigans will count only if they are shot in the air.

11.  For the Ultimate Championship Hunt, how you will qualify will be determined by tournament attendance.  So, hunt as many weeks as you can, because even if your entry isn't a great one, it will count toward your attendance.

How it Works

      Each week the top 10 place winners earn ACL Bucks; 10 Bucks for 1st place down to 1 Buck for 10th place.  The first 75 Bucks can be redeemed for 500 em$.  Once a hunter accumulates 125 Bucks, they could redeem them for 1000 em$.  At 175 Bucks accmulated 175 Bucks accumulated, a hunter could redeem them for 1500 em$ or a three month membership extension.  And finally, 225 Bucks will get you 2000 em$.  So, you could do well for a few weeks and pick up a quick 100 em$ or bank them for the long haul and earn membership extensions and/or much more em$.  Your ACL Bucks can be redeemed any time you reach the quantities listed above.

     As a Bonus now that there are true rare animals in the game, if your rare animal matches the objective for a tournament and you submit it as your entry, you will be awarded additional ACL Bucks for that tournament in the following way:   A Piebald will add one Buck, an Albino will add 3 Bucks, a Melanistic or Leucistic will add 5 Bucks, and any rare birds and rabbits will add three Bucks to your total of ACL Bucks.    

Note:  These rules are subject to change with very little or no notice.  Rules last revised:  08-05-17.


We have been hosting hunting tournaments for you since 2000.

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